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RTD Series Half Round Type Wiring Duct

RTD Series Half Round Type Wiring Duct

Material:made from PVC(Grey),good insulation non self-ignite and heat-resisting up to 85 oC.
550°c Flame Retardant,2500V Insulation.combustion-proof and Durable.
Instruction:made up of notch bottom and cover(double-sided tapes)
Usage:Home telephone wires,DGT Wiring,Disaster Prevention,burglarproof,Monitoring System the wiring.
Feature:Semicircle design of the notch cover makes the product not to stumble the passer when used on floor,also easier to be carried and let the trolley pass.
Most suitable for deparment stores,supermarkets,deport and other public locations.
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No. ITEM NO. Width Height Max Load
1 K-RTD-2 19mm 6mm 178
2 K-RTD-3 27mm 9mm 205
3 K-RTD-4 37mm 10mm 256
4 K-RTD-5 47mm 10mm 176
5 K-RTD-6 57mm 12mm 242
6 K-RTD-7 67mm 12mm 1184
7 K-RTD-9 87mm 18mm 601
8 K-RTD-12 117mm 24mm 1069


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